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"This leg is lighter and more comfortable", Sakina Majeshi, 21 years old, from Mwanza, Tanzania
"'Diabetes made me lose both my legs', Elifazi Savunyu, 71 years old, from Mwanza, Tanzania
"A wheelchair changed her life', Esther Woro, 13-year-old South Sudanese resident of the Bidibidi camp in Uganda
"In one second, I lost everything", Asia, 18, from Mwanza, Tanzania
"We were woken up by gunshots," Mary-Juan, a 32-year-old South Sudanese woman living in Imvepi refugee camp in Uganda
"The driver left me on the road", Latifa, 24 year old mother and business woman from Dodoma, Tanzania
"I was conscious and in total agony", Frederik, 22 years old from Dodoma, Tanzania
"Six people died in the accident, I survived but lost my right hand", Chesco, 43 years old, from Dodoma, Tanzania
"The car drove over me and crushed my leg", Denis, father of 20 years, in Tanzania
"The railings pierced through the bus and severed my leg", Asha, 30 year old teacher from Tanzania
“I saw my hand trapped in the minibus’ door", Ali, 30 years old from Tanzania
"I was walking on the street and suddenly I felt something below my feet; it was a landmine…” Basel, 25 years old man from Syria
"I was abducted by the LRA* when I was 12: I was rescued when the government forces bombed our camp blowing my leg away." Sunday, 32 years old from Te-Aceng, Uganda
"Now I can work and help my wife providing for our family", Alterno, 55 years old, from Kiryandongo in Uganda
"I was still conscious when I was below the bus. I could see my tibia bone coming outside with a lot of blood, flesh, and muscles surrounding it “, Baraka - 35 years old from Mbeya, Tanzania
"Rockets were flying from the sky. There was no time to run for cover and the carnage was unescapable“, Mohammad - 58 years old from Raqqa, Syria.
"I was playing soccer when suddenly an unexpected blow of a mortal shell disrupted our game...“, Ibrahim, 27 years old from Dara'a, Syria
"The day I lost my leg was the day my husband left me“, Lilly, widow with 4 children from Uganda
"I looked down and saw I was missing my leg and suddenly I started feeling a lot of pain. I started crying.“, John, 30 years old from Uganda.