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"I was still conscious when I was below the bus. I could see my tibia bone coming outside with a lot of blood, flesh, and muscles surrounding it “, Baraka - 35 years old from Mbeya, Tanzania
Baraka is 35 years old, is married and has 4 children, a 15 y.o. girl a 10 y.o. boy, 6 y.o. boy and a 3 y.o. boy.

Eight years ago he was happy to finally find a job as money collector in a private bus line which route is from Mbeya town to Chunya District and worked there for 4 years when due to an accident at his job he lost his right leg. Baraka tells his story below:

“In a certain Monday during August 2013, I was collecting the bus fares outside the bus when by stepping inside the bus, the driver didn’t see me and started to move forward. I suddenly fell down and my right leg was below the tire. It was at Chunya - Tanzania.

I was still conscious when I was below the bus, the tire did crush my leg below the knee and I could see my tibia bone sticking out the leg with a lot of blood, flesh, and muscles surrounding it. At the exact moment, I was shocked, and did not feel any pain just looking at the fracture when a passenger took me with his own car to Mbeya Referral Hospital.

During the way to the hospital I lost my conscious and when I awoke I was in the hospital and started to feel an intense pain. The doctors tried to save my leg by stitching it, but the wound didn’t heal and after 3 days the doctors decided to amputate my leg above the knee. I remained one month in the Hospital. My wife, children, and relatives took care of myself during this period.

After this accident, I wasn’t able to go back to work and lost my job. I always started to cry when I thought on my condition as disabled and was thinking about suicide many times. My former employer did not give any assistance and I even had to buy my own crutches.

After 4 months I finally started to make my first steps in front of my home. Then I rent a motorcycle to work as a Boda Boda driver, that is still my job occasionally and I have also my own corn farm.

I’m very happy now with my new leg because I do not depend on the crutches anymore. I have now a lot of mobility and I couldn’t believe to walk on my own feet, thank you very much SwissLimbs and Ikonda Hospital.”

SwissLimbs in collaboration with Ikonda Hospital donated him his first above knee prosthesis on May 4th, 2017.
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