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The SwissLimbs dream of using an innovative prosthetic technology to benefit the greatest number of patients possible, became a reality when we launched our first mission from the project we established in 2016 in Irbid, a town in Jordan located close to the Syrian border.

Dedication to the dream lead us from treating Syrian patients who has been victims of landmines or bombs to those who had lost limbs in accidents or because of diseases in Tanzania, to those who had suffered the injustice of war in South Sudan or Sierra Leone.

The reasons why our patients need a prosthetic vary greatly but what unites them all is their desire regain a level mobility that allows them to progress in life, not only in physical sense.
In fact, we believe that mobility is a human right that should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

SwissLimbs continues to grow; To date we have rehabilitated 6 orthopaedic centers, trained 240 orthopaedic technicians, constructed a hospital, rehabilitated a school center, treated 2 420 patients and completed 35 training missions to 8 countries: Jordan, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, India, Sierra Leone, and Rwanda.

Let's retrace our history together through our most important goals!