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"Now I can work and help my wife providing for our family", Alterno, 55 years old, from Kiryandongo in Uganda
Alterno Nokrach from Lamo and he lives in Kiryandongo district of Uganda. He is 55 years old and married with 7 children (2 boys and 5 girls aged between 5 and 24).

“Back in 1997, the fighting was so intense in my village that the government put us all in a camp to protect us. I lived there for 7 years. One day, I went outside the camp for just a short while but I ran into an ambush. The rebels chased me and I ran as fast as I could but stumbled upon a rock and broke my leg very badly so just had to lie there.

Word got to my brother who came with his bicycle to take me to Kitgum hospital for urgent medical care. They were not able to help me, so I was transferred to the Lacor Hospital in Gulu, where my leg was amputated.

When I came out of hospital, I could go back to my village and together with my family we could start to rebuild our home. As I was only able to move slowly on crutches, I was very dependent on my wife because I could not work or help in any significant way.

People ask me why I never got an artificial leg for all those years, and although I knew they existed I had no idea there could be done in Uganda. It was my brother who heard about the Gulu Orthopedic Workshop, and I could finally go there.

I am so happy that I can walk again and now I can work and help my wife providing for our family.”

Alterno arrived at the Gulu Orthopedic Center with a downcast expression, moving laboriously on crutches. When he first tried his leg on, he was at first teary then excited and his smile returned. “This leg,” he said, “will change his life forever.”

Walking is an ability Alterno has needed to re-learn. His new leg is fitting him perfectly, and has regained full independent mobility.

Alterno received a left below knee Monolimb prostheses from Swisslimbs in collaboration with AVSI Foundation, in May 2017.
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