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"The railings pierced through the bus and severed my leg", Asha, 30 year old teacher from Tanzania
In January 2016 Asha was travelling by public transport from Shinyanga, her home town to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. She was on her way to attend her classes to earn a diploma in Social Education.

The driver lost control of the vehicle as it was about to cross a bridge. Crashing into the bridge infrastructure, one of the railings pierced through the body of the bus severing part of Asha's leg. The assistant bus driver took Asha to a local hospital where it was decided that she needed to be transferred to a more central care facility. 24 hours later Asha's leg was amputated.

In the absence of the usual counselling that usually accompanies such a traumatic medical intervention like this, Asha struggled to come to terms with the loss of her limb. After a few weeks of deep sorrow Asha slowly started to make plans that would allow her to resume her studies and find employment.

SwissLimbs, in collaboration with Kagondo Hospital and thank to its donor Medicor Foundation, has donated her a below knee prosthesis allowing her to have mobility independent of crutches for which she is very grateful. Her new prosthetic allows her to make her first steps in reconstructing the future she had planned for herself.
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