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Orthopaedic workshop within the institute for Paraplegic Children in Campinas SP - BRASILE
Building a Future through Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Disabled Children and Amputees in Campinas

47,000 people in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas San Paulo are physically disabled and therefore in need of rehabilitation and care.

In the region of Campinas -Sao Paulo there are more 1,2 mln inhabitants and approximately 3,5 mln if considered the entire metropolitan area1 with 20 orthopaedic active workshops, which – in almost all cases – deliver expensive services only for the high end customers. Public services for the lower end are unfortunately not available or uses obsolete machinery and lack of basic materials for the manufacture of orthoses and prostheses.

To address the tragic lack of orthopaedic rehabilitation services, infrastructure and specialized training, impacts mainly the poor and disabled children, women and retired. SwissLimbs aims to strengthen the local service provision and consequently the Brazilian healthcare system in a whole, by increasing the presence of innovative infrastructure, processes and professional rehabilitation skills for

amputees and disabled residents in the Campinas - Sao Paulo region which is highly industrialized with a huge population density. To achieve this objective, SwissLimbs will work with three key partners:

·        Casa da Crianca Paralitica (institute for paraplegic children)

·        Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS) – institute reporting to the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

·        Associacao Brasileira de Ortopedia Tecnica (“ABOTEC”)


Orthopedic workshop at the Institute for Paraplegic Children in Campinas SP.




Casa da Crianca Paralitica de Campinas


Fundo Nacional de Saúde


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