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Uganda - Rehabilitation and training of the orthopedic workshop in Arua
In a city near the border with three of the Africa's neediest nations, SwissLimbs has rehabilitated an orthopedic workshop, providing assistance to the local population and the thousands of refugees residing in camps around Arua.
The city of Arua, in northern Uganda, is strategically located near the border with three of the neediest nations on the African continent (Central African Republic, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo). This is an area on the doorstep of a geographic area historically rich in ethnic and cultural conflict, causing major migrations of displaced people escaping war, possible retaliation, famine and forced conscription. In fact, the main refugee settlements of the region (Bidibidi, Rhino Camp and Palorinya) are located near the city of Arua, hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees, mostly from South Sudan.

In 2020, in agreement with the Ugandan Ministry of Health and in collaboration with AVSI Uganda (an NGO active since 1999 in the field of rehabilitation in Uganda), SwissLimbs implemented the first phase of a project for the rehabilitation of the orthopedic workshop of the Regional Referral Arua Hospital in the city of Arua.

Prior to the start of the SwissLimbs project, the workshop was an almost completely abandoned space due to a lack of working machinery and orthopedic materials and components, while now it has become a fully functioning workplace, capable of manufacturing a wide range of prosthetics and orthotics. This orthopedic workshop has now become the referral center for orthopedic and rehabilitative care for the entire Arua region and provides support and care to both residents and refugees in the settlement.

The growing need for medical and rehabilitative care, both among the local population and those inside the refugee settlements, has made it necessary to implement the orthopedic workshop of Arua with additional orthopedic and prosthetic equipment, to replace those already existing now outdated and in addition to those missing. This second phase includes also two trainings on new low-cost innovations in orthopedics for orthopedic staff working at the center and interested local technicians.
Project title
Rehabilitation and training of the orthopedic workshop in Arua

Project start

Phase I: Swiss Solidarity
Phase II: Republic, Canton of Ticino and donations

Thematic sector
Orthopedic rehabilitation
Orthopedic training

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